Utah Shop 8--Piper's Quilts & Comforts, Salt Lake City, UT

My final stop on this glorious hop--Piper's Quilts & Comforts--located in a lovely house with a lot of character (check out their blog for a photo of the shop). A side note to this whole shop is that there was one specific thing I was looking for--a snowman embroidered quilt pattern that I'd seen several places before and hadn't purchased. I thought maybe I'd find it in Utah, being that it's a snowy place and all. I have to admit, given the time constraints I was under, I was worried that I might not have time for this last shop. But boy am I glad that I did! I found a bunch of fat quarters, and then found out there was a sale on them, so I grabbed a few more.

I'd found the individual embroidered snowman pattern (on the right in the photo) and, though it wasn't the one I was looking for, I thought I'd better buy it, since I hadn't found the other pattern. As I was being rung up (at 1:13pm, in case you were keeping track), I looked over the gal's shoulder only to see that the pattern I was looking for was right there (on left in photo). It was the last one she had, she said she had a difficult time keeping that one in stock. So in addition to a dozen or so fat quarters, I walked out with two patterns. And right on schedule, I was on the road to Park City, having visited four shops (Elaine's Quilt Shop, Mormon Handicraft, Whimsy Cottage, and this one) in about three hours on Friday and four shops (Sew Sweet, Pine Needles, Thimbles and Threads, and Quilts Etc.) about three hours on Thursday, so in all, eight shops in six hours was pretty successful. Everyone I encountered was really focused on the customer, they all seemed enthusiastic about quilting, and the selection of fabrics was wonderful. So that's my cub reporter quilt-shop coverage of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.


Mel said...

I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your glowing reports of some of our state's quilt shops.

Thanks for passing the word about the shops you visited!

I love visiting them all too!

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