Utah Shop 1--Sew Sweet, Tooele, UT

I'm having to pull from a very fuzzy memory, but it seems like my flight to Salt Lake City landed around 11am. I sat next to a woman on the flight who suggested a visit to Tooele, as the scenery was amazing. Since I wanted to see Salt Lake (the actual lake, shown in the previous post), I did just that--taking off in my rental car using a map and having an adventure. After enjoying the scenery, I found myself in Tooele, driving about, seeing what there was to see, sipping on a Sonic Cherry Limeade, and then hunting for a place for lunch, which ended up being a yummy TexMex place. Amazingly enough, while I was doing that, I happened upon a quilt shop. Who knew? So I stopped into Sew Sweet, a lovely shop in Tooele, and found some great fabrics. The green was flannel and it was on sale, the rest just needed to come home with me. It was a great shop--bright, clear colors and a very friendly staff. My receipt says I checked out at 2:03pm on Oct. 16. So, for the sake of calculating the time spent on my shopping excursion, we can probably safely say that I started my shopping spree at 1:30pm.


Mel said...

Hey! Glad you found our little town and quilt shop!

Thanks for your description and links!

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