Utah Shop 5--Elaine's Quilt Block, Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome to day two of my Utah shop hop. Turns out one of the shops I had on my schedule for Friday was just down the road from my hotel. I knew I had to leave the Salt Lake City area for Park City by 1:30pm or so, but I had a list of shops that I was aiming for. So I was at Elaine's Quilt Block around 10-something, and found this assortment and was back on the road by 11:10am! When I look at this grouping, I start to realize that I was getting into a definite fall-color mood. And I did a great job on building the light fabric stash. The staff was very attentive and obviously very proud of their shop and of the very talented staffer who did their machine quilting. And when I got a look at their samples, they had every right to be proud of her, for she is a very talented machine quilter!

So there you have it--the start of day two of hopping SLC UT.


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