My 2008 Utah Quilt Shop Hop

Isn't it crazy when one road leads to another? Well, as I was digging through the quilting room last night, I ran across the bag of fabric I bought on my Salt Lake City trip and subsequent birthday-week 24-hour, 5 to 6 actual hours of shopping (including drive time between shops) shop-hop in October 2008. As I looked around on my blog, and on another blog I occasionally used to post on, I discovered that I'd mentioned it in passing on the other blog, but hadn't actually blogged about it here or shared the fabrics. So I'll be sharing it here over the next few days. And I have to admit, it's fun to look it all over again and recall the reasons that these pieces inspired me.

And don't panic, Mom. These aren't new additions to my fabric stash--they really are from last year! In fact, I think I show-and-telled them with you then.


Cyndi L said...

The fabrics you've been sharing are wonderful! There are so many'll have a gazillion fun hours with these. I've been trying hard not to add any more to my stash until more gets used, but you know how that goes :-)

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