Making progress organizing the sewing and craft room, part 1

As I mentioned before, I flipped the bedrooms in my house to give myself a little more space in the sewing and craft room and to get my cardmaking station out of the living room and into the craft room where it ought to be. I shared the "before" shot last weekend and thought I'd give you an update. Over the weekend, I organized the fat quarters into great containers from Ikea that fit perfectly on the shelf in my closet. Here's the mound of fat quarters, sorted by color with the help of my favorite four-year-old. It may not LOOK sorted, but it is.

Next, here's the closet "after", looking a whole lot better than it did in the "before" photo. The shelves were all already in place. Before I got organized, the plastic containers were on the top shelf, leaning over because the shelves were sagging. Now, with everything organized and in proper containers, I have a lot more space and everything I'm looking for is in its place. As you can see from the picture below, the little containers that fit so perfectly on that shelf are filled with fat quarters by color. And the nine-section shoe sorter holds fabrics that I bought in the past to make some quick quilts on which I can practice using my quilting machine.

I'm thrilled with how the closet is looking. This is the first step in getting this room pulled together. I still have to put the rest of the fabric, the non-fat-quarter-fabric, in containers by color. That's this weekend's project.

Stay tuned from the next section of the clean-up: the cardmaking station.


Sherri Osborn said...

I might be weird but almost nothing makes me happier than an organized closet... Especially if it involves organizing my fabric. :-) I have all of mine, sorted by color, in clear under bed containers that fit perfectly in the closet in my craft room!

Eileen Bergen said...

Not weird at all, Sherri. I too love an organized closet ;-)

It's amazing how much faster your projects go when you can easily find everything you need.

Great job, Linda! The fat quarter organization solution is perfect.

Linda Augsburg said...

I'm with both of you--there's something to having an organized closet. It's just that I haven't had one in a while! I love those little Ikea boxes, Eileen! And Sherri, you haven't seen the four-shelf unit of plastic containers yet. Once that area gets organized, I'll share a photo. Maybe this weekend?

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