Gosh there's a lot of stuff in the sewing room

Yesterday was spent clearing space everywhere in my house, it seems. I started in the basement, going through things in storage to make room for anything that needs to be stored down there. Then it was up to the sewing room. I started by moving the quilting machine parts into the living room (except for the machine itself, which is over 70 pounds). I cleared out the closet, moving things out, going through them, and moving the things that needed more time to go through out into the living room and dining room. I did the same with most of the rest of the stuff in the room, measuring and planning. Then I moved thing into the closet, including the bookcase, which fit perfectly and gets a large piece of furniture out of the room itself. As you can see, I have all the fabric on the biggest, tallest shelf. I had to go into the basement with a flashlight, as the cable coming up through the floor wasn't giving me any slack, but I was able to maneuver it so I was able to move the TV and VCR. I still have to go through the little white dresser and the short plastic three-drawer container, as I didn't sort through those things. The last thing was to get everything off the floor, including the rug, so I have the big space ready for the quilting machine.

Last night, I watched old "That's Entertainment" (all three parts) while I went through several of the containers that I had moved into the living room and dining room, sorting through what goes in the trash, what goes in the basement for storage, and what goes to the office to be given away to other crafty folks. And then there's the other stack: the one of all of the materials that I want to transform into gifts for next year. I think I need to set some goals for those projects or it will be like this year--too many projects I'd like to make and too few days to get them completed.

My first task for today is to clean the poles with nail polish remover and get the machine-building underway! And my plan after that is to go through more of the containers that have been dragged into the living room and dining room and start moving things to the basement. After all, who needs a tool box and jigsaw in the sewing room.


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