A weekend of organizing

What a weekend! I got a bit of reorganizing done in the sewing room and I found the pattern that I'd misplaced. I was able to organize the fabrics that I've bought over the past year-plus on my travels, especially all those fat quarters I've amassed. First, I should share a "before" photo. As you can see in the photo, all those bags across the shelf were fabrics that I'd picked up at shows, on travels, and along the way the last year and a half or so. And that closet is where I'm hoping all of it will live once I get it organized. So organizing suggestions are welcome--any ideas would be great. I don't want to build shelves, which is the logical solution, so it will be containers and such. I tried sweater storage things that hang from the curtain rod, but they aren't built strong enough and most of them are too long and hit the shelf, so I'm somewhat back to square one. When I stack the containers on the shelf, the poor shelves sag so badly! So I'm still working on solutions--we'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep you posted via photos of the progress.

For updates, see the closet "after" post and the cardmaking station "after" post.


Eileen Bergen said...

My most successful craft room reorganization occurred when we moved to a smaller house.

Where before I could spread myself over a huge area, I was forced to condense and organize so that I could locate things. I didn't throw any supplies out either.

Clear plastic containers are a godsend. You can see colors and type of contents without unstacking and dragging everything out. You can put labels with inventory on the front as well, especially if the contents are miscellaneous small items.

If you don't want to build shelves to support stacks of boxes, how about those stacked see-through plastic drawers?

Good luck!

It really did feel good once I got everything to where I could find anything quickly. This system has worked for me for 5 years now!

Linda Augsburg said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions, Eileen. I'm a firm believer in clear plastic containers. I just have to learn not to pack them full, because then, for me, the whole system's thrown off if you buy more of that thing. I need to be better about labeling--thanks for the reminder on that! I love that you're proud of the fact that you didn't get rid of anything when you downsized--a true crafter's heart beats in you!

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