Tuesday's fabrics

So I got some great deals on some of the fabrics the other day, so I bought 3-4 yards of a few of them, thinking I could use them for quilt backs. But then I got to thinking back to my quilting classes from February and how they talked about the best way to experiment with your new quilting machine was to have an actual quilt, however basic, so you could get comfortable creating patterns for a specifically sized block, etc. So I decided that I'm going to create some very simple quilts with big blocks (10" maybe) and experiment with them. And since there were such great deals to be had, I picked up some fabric to get me going. This one will be a bright creation--I may add some additional colors, but for right now, it's these three and I think it will be a blast to quilt the swirly fabric along the pattern lines and then do something more geometric on the blue and purple fabrics. The funny part is, I think I bought some of the same swirly fabric back in December at the same shop, so I may have extra to work with.


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