Thursday update on the decluttering and reorganization

An update on the reorganizing project. Though the sewing room is a wreck, the bedroom is looking better. I had to run out this morning to get a few things to finish organizing the closet and I still have to install those. I should clarify--the bedroom isn't actually LOOKING better--it's looking quite messy, but at least the right furniture's in there now and I've cleaned out some of the clothing that I don't need.

The sewing room, well, it's not looking quite as good. But a lot of the stuff that needs to be in there is in there, so that's good. Now it's just a matter of getting that room pulled together. Some thought needs to go into where everything goes. Suggestions welcome!


Alice said...

Go girl go! Resist the urge to stop and look at the material or get started on any other projects! Whoo hoo! Love, Alice

Linda Augsburg said...

The greater problem is staying focused! The place is still a wreck, but I'm getting somewhere. Slowly. Very slowly.

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