Mom's afghan is done

I finished crocheting Mom's afghan on Monday night and finished weaving in the ends on Tuesday night while I got my hair done. (How girly is that? Working on crochet with foils in my hair?) I crashed and burned last night, still fighting the after-effects of the cough medicine with codeine which just wipes me out. But this morning, after 13 hours of sleep, I was able to get up and snap a quick picture so I could post it for all of you!

I'm sure there will be many of you thinking "gee, that seems to match Linda's living room pretty well... seems strange...." Well, it is a little strange. Mom and I have the same color schemes in our living rooms at this moment. My decor and accessories of course, are a bit funkier than Mom's (note the swirly area rug), but yes, the colors are similar. This is actually a good thing, because I have a bunch of the yarn I used in Mom's afghan left over. I have a lot of the brown, less of the tan and the aqua. So maybe after I tackle some of the quilt projects and get some machine quilting time logged, I'll whip up a simple afghan for MY living room.

P.S. The pattern for the afghan is called Fantail Fantasy and it's from Under Cover: 60 Afghans to Knit and Crochet, published by Sixth & Spring Books. I found it at the library, so maybe you can too.


Donna said...

It's beautiful, and your house is gorgeous! I can't believe you got this done while you were sick. When I had that cold, all I could do was sleep. Congrats! I'm sure your mom will love it!

Linda said...

I worked on it while I was sick, but I definitely didn't get it ALL done while I was sick. The carpool and Thursday lunches helped too. And I did some of it while watching basketball, some live with the younger players and some on TV with college-aged players.

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