The quilting machine is up..

And boy-oh-boy does it take up more space than I anticipated! I knew it was going to measure a bit over 10-ft. long, but I didn't really expect it to be SO WIDE. The specs said 41", but now I know that that doesn't include the space you need to actually operate the machine. But the good news is that it's built, and the machine is on the carriage. I didn't actually hook up the machine itself, but look what I built, all on my own!! The instructions were great--I didn't watch the DVD, but I didn't need it for additional guidance. And while measuring the room preconstruction, I realized I needed to remove the closet door so it wouldn't almost smack into the machine every time I opened it, and I was able to remove it on my own, with help from some man via an internet video. I'm so proud that I was able to put the frame together on my own. (That lyrics that should be running through your head right now is "I am woman, here me roar...".)

If I had the luxury of more space in my flat, I'd have nothing but this fabulous quilting machine in that room. But since I don't have more space, there might need to be more prioritizing that needs to be done, some additional things added to the "make this year" and "give away to friends" piles, and some more organization of the stuff that's currently in the sewing room. The jewelry-making stuff still needs to be gone through, and I might have to get rid of some old sewing patterns to make room for other stuff.

Good thing the cardmaking supplies are already in the living room...


Anonymous said...

Happy Quilting!!!!!!

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