Ornament Thursday: celedon

Blame it on the codeine in that cough medicine, but I really messed up this month and missed Ornament Thursday completely. But not one to be totally absent, I'm going to share a card that I made a while ago in celedon and also share the links of those who did get it together this month. So there's the card--to your right. And here are the links from my OT pals.

Celadon Dreamer
Michelle Zimmeman creates a dreamer box from one of her molds and Helen Bradley grabs another for her jewelry project.

Embellished Ear Wires
Lynn Kvigne of Beading Help Web shows you how to create these embellished ear wires in spring colors (like Celedon!)

OT Goes Celadon
Lisa finds calm in the color "Celadon"

Strands of Beads

Melissa creates a simple necklace from a slab of chrysoprase


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