Afghan progress and the first of many new fabrics to share

I spent much of Saturday and Sunday watching my Godson play basketball in two tournaments. I did it while fighting off a nasty cold again--seems like the same thing that got me in January. But I was able to make quite a bit of progress on the afghan while watching the games. Since it doesn't look any different than it looked before, there's no sense in sharing another photo, but it's now 44" long, so only another 16"-22" to go, depending on the pattern repeat. Would love to finish it this weekend, but it might not be possible. We'll see.

Between tournament games in Plymouth, Wisconsin, I discovered a quilt shop (I know, go figure, it's like I have radar or something), so over the next few days this week, I'll share some of my finds from The Sewing Basket and Material Matters in Cedarburg, where I stopped on the way home to round out some creative ideas that were swirling around in my head while I drove home.

For a little background, a few weeks back, I spent a blissful afternoon at the Mitchell Park Domes and there was so much to see (and it was cozy warm, which was SO welcome on a snowy March day). The flowers and plants were all lovely, and there were so many colors to tantilize a color junkie like me, but I was really taken with the orchids ... the stark contrast that they provided in the lush green environment was pure eye candy. So when I saw this orchid print on a vivid crimson background at The Sewing Basket, I knew I had to buy it as a reminder of that marvelous afternoon. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, and it's the only yardage that I bought that doesn't have a plan formulated for its use, but I just had to have it. (Note: I don't have plans for the fat quarters that you'll see later this week, but c'mon, they're just stash-builders!)


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