Still under the weather and fighting the elements

I braved it today, going into work, but I didn't make it a full day. Don't know what this illness is, but it's more powerful than I thought it was. And with the snow overnight and the wind chill of 9 below, I find being home in my slippers and jammies to be a pretty good place to be. I have a retreat tomorrow for work, so we'll see if I make it through tomorrow without needing a nap.

Meanwhile, I spent some time last night organizing all of the "to-do in 2009" creative projects. I've been reading the book Getting Things Done, and one of the things he talks about is gathering everything up and making a list. He claims that if everything isn't on the list, you don't trust the list consciously or subconsiously, but if the list is complete, you trust the list and the things get out of your head and stop distracting you. We'll see if I can make this work for this part of my life at least. Of course, actually GETTING the things done also gets them out of your head, and that's the goal, after all.

I am doing a little more in the decision making of the crafting supplies--looking at projects, realizing I'm never going to make them, and finding new homes for them. It's getting neater around here, but I still have a long way to go.

On the quilting front, I still haven't tackled the big machine. (I think I need to name her/him--suggestions are welcome--leave a comment with yours.) I have to get this place in order before I start playing with my new Voyager.

I did get the cardmaking corner organized. I haven't tried to make any cards to see if it's functional, but it looks organized at least.


Flip Note Fan said...

I like to keep it simple.

For CAPTURING quick notes I use a metal Flip Note

I process/organize them later.

Flip Note Fan

Anonymous said...

Harry is a good name for a quilting machine. =)

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