One mess leads to another

So here's what I've discovered. This organizing thing can take over. Every time I think "well, that's pulled together," I discover something else that needs to be dealt with. The other day I ran out to find some pretty baskets I could use under the new cabinet, and it turns out the baskets were the perfect size for the video tapes. So I pulled those out of the drawers because it seemed like there were other things that should be stored in the drawers and shelves in the cabinet that couldn't be stored in the baskets below. So then I had to figure out what was best stored in the cabinet. That led to emptying the old suitcases and trunks I have been using for storing photos (I know, a travesty--I'm sure they aren't acid free). Now I have to organize all the photos into albums which could be stored in the cabinets. And then I had to fill the trunks with other things that need to be stored, primarily the linens from the built in china cabinets (so now I have to figure out what goes in all of those drawers. I keep thinking that if I can get some of the pieces of furniture out of the living room and dining room, it will look neater and tidier. So we'll see if I can reach that.

Meanwhile, Saturday morning had me dropping my car off at the repair shop, as the heater just wasn't heating as well as it had been and I'd had the radiator flushed to see if that was the problem. (It wasn't, but it needed to be done anyway.) Since the garage was so close, and it was 8AM on a Saturday, I walked the 8 blocks home. When I got here, I shoveled the sidewalk and the ENTIRE driveway, and about the time I finished, the car was done and they were kind enough to pick me up (as I was pretty exhausted from the shoveling). About 3PM, the sore throat started. :( Perhaps the shoveling put me over the edge and let the germs take hold.

After 14 hours of sleep (no joke), I'm not feeling a whole lot better, so I'm taking it pretty easy today. There's still so much to do around here, but I'm just taking it one step at a time.

If you've gotten sucked into this organizational dilemna I'm experiencing, I'd appreciate ANY advice you've got to share. I'm getting to feel a little overwhelmed, so advice is needed at this point!


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