"Not creative, but busy"

... would describe my weekend. I did get to gaze at the beautiful and vibrant stained glass windows at the Basilica of Holy Hill. If you ever get the chance to see them, the colors are wonderful. If you do a google search in images of "Holy Hill, Wisconsin" stained glass or go to this flickr page and do a search for Holy Hill, you'll see what I mean.

I did get a few rows done on the afghan over the past week, so that's good. And my Mom did come visit the site, so she knows that it's coming along and is very excited about that.

I did get the house tidied up, but I regret that I didn't actually get through many of the things that still need to be gone through, just got the place picked up. And with three busy upcoming weekends, I regret that I won't make a lot more progress for a while. But that's okay--I'll have my evenings to work on some things.


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