Quilts from the 2009 Wisconsin Quilt Expo, 5th installment

Final installment in the Wisconsin Quilt Expo are more wall quilts. Two wall quilt, machine or hand quilted, categories will be covered in this post. The first four will be from the pictorial category. The second four are from the "any other type" category.

Blazing His Own Trail by Anne Crowl Meyer of Richland Center, Wisconsin--the colors are off in the overall shot I took, but the closeups are closer to the actual color of the quilt. This one won second place in the pictorial category.
Biba I by Laurie Ceesay from Menominee, Wisconsin, caught my eye for its colors and its technique. I loved the pieces background and the black artwork appliqued to the surface is something I haven't seen a lot of.  Read more about her project.

Summer Farm by Sally Manke of Arcadia, Michigan, captured my eye because A) it was a farm scene and B) I had to get closer to see how it was made. If I remember correctly, they were scraps fused down, then a layer of tulle (fine mesh netting) is placed over it and then she quilted it. So the scraps are kept in place with the quilting and she made this amazing scene. Pretty cool!

The Purple Cornflowers quilt by Rochelle Stibb of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, combines wools of various types. I believe the flowers are felted, as they were dimensional. And look at how the quilting pops off the wool fabric. I think the border might have been hand-dyed, and I think the background fabric was too.

NOW on to the any other type category. The color are way off on this, but Pieces Of Dreams by Diane J. Evans of Schenectady, NY is an amazing piece. I couldn't get her website to come up, but there's a link from her blog and I know there was a picture of this quilt on her site that did much better colors at showing the colors truly. This quilt won second place in the category.
Wild Sumac was the third place winner in this category. Also from Rochelle Stibb of Beaver Dam (see above), this quilt showed off some fabulous quilting. Makes me realize I have much to learn about using that big ole machine.

Cosmic Rhapsody by Ron Bedard of Chicago was quilted by Sally Evanshank. Love the gradation, the piecing is amazing, and the quilting in the diamonds is very cool (you can tell I liked it, given the closeups). This quilt almost seems to glow.

Daylilies Four Ways by Robin Gausebeck of Rockford, Illinois is the final image I'm sharing of this pictorial tour of Wisconsin Quilt Expo. Read all about how this quilt was inspired and created.

So that ends my tour of Quilt Expo. So much inspiration. So much to aspire to. And so much eye candy! Hope you've enjoyed my choices too.

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