Quilts from the 2009 Wisconsin Quilt Expo, 2nd installment

So for the second installment of Quilts from the 2009 Wisconsin Quilt Expo, I'm sharing some of my favorites from the machine quilted, bed size, pieced category. I photographed six quilts in this category, but there were more than 50 entered in this category. One of the quilts I photographed was the first-place winner in the category, but there are amazing things to notice in each and every one. It's interesting for me, because I usually piece my javascript:void(0)quilts and machine quilt, one way or another. But I don't feel as though I've ever made a quilt up to the standard of these beauties. So let's get on with it.

Caveat: As previously, please forgive my sometimes-color-challenged images. And I didn't always get all the shots I wish I had now. Also, if you want to see a larger image, click the merged image and it should open in a new window.

The first place winner in the category is Which Way is West by Janell Dahms of Cannon Falls, Minnesota. As with other quilts, I focused a lot on the quilting, as you can see from the second image. It was a stunning quilt--I'm always amazed at quilters who can design this way.

Snake River, pieced by June D. Behnke (Reedsburg, WI) and quilted by Kris Scharfenberg, is an off-center log cabin with a twist--added piecing that emphasizes the curved shapes that are created when you make an off-center log cabin. I did an off-center log cabin several years ago, so I'll have to really think about how that's done. But a little google searching turned up a link to a class by Judy Martin, as well as a reference to instructions in a book, so I may have to pursue this concept a little more.
Armenian Tiles was pieced by Mary Fryer of Freeport, Illinois, and quilted by Marlene Williams. I loved the colors in this quilt, and I also really loved the dark blocks with the slight patterning in them. It's definitely one of those quilts that you'd have to pay attention to piecing, given the color arrangement. There aren't a lot of blocks in this one that are actually the same, given the way the colors radiate from the center, so this is where a design wall probably comes in very handy. From reading the article linked to above, it sounds like Fryer dyes her own fabric, so that explains the perfect gradation. And check out the way the quilting fits the blocks perfectly. The sign of a pro.

Pineapples for your Wedding was pieced by Margaret Gawlik of West Bend, Wisconsin, and quilted by Kathy Holz. So many pieces, such great quilting, and of course, these are the colors I really love!

Hawaiian Star by Juleen Jaeger of New Berlin, Wisconsin, and quilted by Juli Meeks, seems to be foundation pieces, as that's the best way to get such sharp points and create such an intricate design. So many pieces, though, foundation or not! Again, closeups of the piecing and the quilting showcase why I had to shoot the closeups!

The final one I photographed in this section was Sea Urchins by Janet Sandretti, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Love the colors! Again, I'm assuming foundation pieces. Amazing!
So those are some of my favs of the machine pieced and quilted bed-size quilt category at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. More to come later this week!

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Anonymous said...

Hawaiian Star and Sea Urchin are two patterns designed by Judy Neimeyer. They are paper-pieced, which is her forte.

Linda Augsburg said...

I should have thought of Judy Neimeyer--thanks for the note! I always love her designs--should have put two and two together and looked into them being hers! If you're looking for info on Judy's designs, go to http://www.quiltworx.com/ I may have to tackle one myself--I certainly have the fabric stash for it!

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