Quilts from the 2009 Wisconsin Quilt Expo, 3rd installment

For my next installment of amazing quilts, I'm sharing one quilt from the machine quilted, appliqued, bed-size category and the others are from the machine quilted bed size, any other type category. (For the previous related posts, see the 1st and 2nd installments.) The number one, best of show quilt is in the first category, and what a story it comes with.

Here it is--the Cathedral Ceiling quilt by Mildred Sorrells of Macomb, Illinois. This woman is amazing and so is her quilt! From what they told me at the show, she's in her 80s. Facts from her site about this quilt: "Ornamental Design from a Dover book Victorian Patterns and Designs enlarged. Added the corner designs and then the outer border. Machine appliqued plus a machine decorative stitch around each piece with King Tut thread by Superior Thread Co. Machine quilted with YLI silk thread and Hobbs wool batting. Also added piping before the binding." The story I heard about it at the show was that she's blanket stitched the appliques, didn't like the way it was fraying, and then decided to triple-stitch everything. In addition, she mentions the piping in passing but there's piping along the binding! And of course, there's the amazing quilting. May I be as prolific as she is when I'm in my 80s. Of course, I'll still be using up the fabric I've bought in the last month.... but I digress.

And from the second category, I share the following quilts. I just have a closeup of this quilt, called String of Pearls by Mary S. Buvia of Greenwood, Indiana. But what quilting it is. The applique is beautiful as well, of course, and if you'd like to see more of it, there's a picture on the web of the entire quilt.

Same goes for The Living Room Quilt by Deb Cavanaugh of Spring Green, Wisconsin. I only have one shot of it and it's a tight shot of the quilting. But she showed it off at her quilt guild recently, so here's a pic. This one won third place in the category.
I did get a bunch of pictures of this quilt, called Big Bird Blues by Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myer. This one won first place in the category. As you're looking over the pictures, some of them are of the front and some are on the quilting, shot from the back. Here's another shot of the quilt. This quilt was a collaborative piece between these two artists, one in Minnesota and the other in Utah.

Another quilt with great quilting. I know the quilt was probably fabulous as well, but the quilting was breathtaking. Black Beauty by Diana Napier used embroidery, applique, and piecing in addition to the stunning quilting.

Sharen Trumpy of Janesville, Wisconsin created Topher's Raggedy Circles, and I just love these colors! It's bright and fresh and it's the perfect quilt to end this section. Check back for more in the coming days.

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Anonymous said...

The Living Room Quilt can be seen at Reedsburgareaquiltguild.blogspot.com. Thank you for including it in your blog. It is amazing that something beautiful can come out of a time of great stress and how quilting can help you endure the stress.


Linda Augsburg said...

Thanks for the heads-up Deb. Are the flowers painted or appliqued? And if you're willing to share the story of the quilt in a comment, I'm sure we'd all love to hear more. But it's true, quilting can certainly heal wounds and alleviate stress.

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