Another project to share

Okay, so it wasn't a creative day here, which means Sunday has to be. But meanwhile, I thought I'd share another project from the past. This quilt, which I don't think I've shared before, was a wedding gift for a family member YEARS ago.

Each block was a foundation pieced, off-center log cabin. There are 100 blocks (four blocks make up each green ball and four blocks make up each red diamond). I believe there are 26 pieces in each block--somewhere in this house I have extra foundations, so if I find them and I'm wrong, I'll correct this. It was a very slow project, given that it was foundation pieced.

When I was in the groove, I could do a block in an hour, but that's still slow when you think about it. I precut all the strips and threw them in paper bags and used whatever I pulled out to keep it random. When I told my cousin I was going to do this as their wedding gift, I asked her about colors and these are the ones she picked. I really love this project. I wish I had a closeup to show you, because the quilting on this was amazing! The quilter had great ideas and really did it right for me!


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