My fifth Colorado quilt shop stop: Great American Quilt Factory

So after I was done with my meetings in Colorado Springs, I drove to Denver for a few days with my college friend Chandra and some R&R. On my way there, since Chandra had class that afternoon, I had a chance to check out one of the shops I'd found in Denver called Great American Quilt Factory. In addition to it being a quilt shop, the owners also write books under the Possibilities imprint.

I found a bunch of fabric, in case you had doubts (probably the biggest haul of the trip). You'll see that pink paisley mentioned previously in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. I found some great clear colors at the shop--I'm sure they had greyed prints as well, but I didn't notice them. The shop had great lighting and big windows in front and it was a beautiful day, so maybe I just noticed the bright colors more. And the staffers were swapping around samples up on the walls, so I got to see a whole bunch of quilts!

Funny story: There were three friends shopping at the same time I was--one who'd come from Alaska to visit her friends/siblings (not sure which), both of whom lived in one of the states around Colorado (Montana maybe...I can't remember). And they were having a laugh riot! In fact, they were having a bit of a contest--the other two paid for the lunch of whoever spent the most. I'm pretty sure my total was much smaller than each of theirs, but I did snatch a few prints off their pile of bolts after they had their pieces cut off of them. Talk about getting caught up in the mood! (They had made some great choices--I couldn't pass them up!) And the many staffers there were super helpful and very willing to cut fat quarters.


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