Fabric from Loose Threads, Milton, Wisconsin

I found a quilt shop while camping two weekends back--surprised? Yes, I realize we were camping, but we had to run into town to get some things and I'd already Googled quilt shops in the area and had a map, just in case a little getaway was needed over the weekend. But this shop, Loose Threads in Milton, wasn't on my map, and it turns out it was the only one I stopped at and the only stop I needed. There it was, right on highway 26 between Fort Atkinson and Janesville. And I found a lovely assortment of fabric in this great shop!

The primary floral in the bottom right corner is flannel--the rest are regular cottons. I had to have some of the farm animals at the top left--it's SO cute. And as for the rest, just consider it a little more stashbuilding. Gotta love those tumbling Santas...

I have to give the staff extra credit for customer service, as we must have looked a sight! It rained overnight and it continued well into the morning, so I looked a bit like a drowned rat, but Rich looked fine (as always). He did comment that he didn't realize my Jeep could stop quite so quickly--when I saw that quilt shop sign, we took a pretty hard right off the highway and into the parking lot. But he was a trooper, looking around the store while I shopped.

While I was there, there was some chatter about a place to go on a quilt retreat over on the other side of Wisconsin. It's called A Place to Sew and I just might have to look into it. It sounds wonderful--the perfect getaway well-equipped for someone like me. Now I just have to round up some of my crafty pals!


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