Talk about stamps that are JustRite

I have to admit, when I see a great product demonstrated and I really get to see what can be done with it, I'm much more likely to buy it. That's the case with these stamps. Such is the case with this stamp system from JustRite, a rubber stamp company based in Elk Grove Village, IL. The basic premise is that the wood stamper has a rubber layer that has slots cut in it. You insert letters, images, or curved messages or designs in the slots and you can mix and match the pieces so the stamp can say whatever you want. For instance, you can put the "Best Wishes" image in the center and then put little letters around the outer ring that say "good luck on your retirement, Judi". That's the flexibility I've always wanted!

So I bought my first set, stamper, and letter set at a booth at the CHA SuperShow, and then bought the punches locally. Now I'm going to have to keep an eye on their other sets, as I'm really intrigued about this whole concept. I think I need to check out what images I have that will fit inside that circle...


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