Day 5 wrap up

So it's the end of day 5 and I really feel as though I've accomplished a great deal in these five days. Here's the rundown:

Basement--tidied up and organized
Sewing room--reorganized
Quilting machine and frame--set up and ready to go
Christmas decorations--packed away
Living room--rearranged
Excess craft supplies--in the car and ready to share with my coworkers
Turkey breast--cooked
Ham bone--boiled down into broth
Dozen eggs--hard boiled
Lots of trash and recycling on the curb

So there it is. My five days in a nutshell. I'm really proud of what I got done and I'm okay with how much I accomplished. Of course, you always think you'll get more done than you do, but I'm really okay with that list. There's still more to do--the stamping corner in the living room still needs to be organized, but I can't do that until I get the "new" piece of furniture for the living room, and the dining room is still a wreck, filled with all of the things I want to make in the next few months for gifts for 2009. And then there's the Christmas cards and letters...

So thanks for hanging out with me for this 5-day trek through my house-clearing "staycation" (if that's what they're calling it these days). Here's to the next week of finishing it up.


Mel said...

The quilting machine is HUGE! But yay on having empty containers. You got a ton done, even without your semi-professional organizer friend to boss you around. Congrats!

Naomi said...

My Christmas decorations and repainting a bedroom took a really long time, so I'm impressed with your list. Particularly with the ham bone.

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