Another evening's progress

So I went to the gym after work and then the grocery store. Now I'm going to tackle a few things around the house--straightening up, improving, and then the chance for creative endeavors. We're expecting snow Friday; it's supposed to start at 6am and snow for most of the day--possibly 4 to 7 inches or more. What I wouldn't give for an early start leading to a snow day! Then on Saturday morning, the winds will pick up, so all that snow will be blowing around. Sounds great, doesn't it? (That was sarcasm, folks.)

As for my current plans for the weekend (since the snow will keep me indoors), I'll be making soup and projects. I've got beef broth, ham broth, and turkey broth. I'm thinking kumla (otherwise known as klubb) for the ham broth--I grew up in a Norwegian area of Illinois where kumla dinner was a once-a-year event at the VFW hall, but I haven't had it in a while so it's time. I might make turkey, wild rice, and mushroom soup with the broth from boiling down the turkey breast. I'm not sure about the beef broth yet, so if you have suggestions, send them on ahead. I could just use it for beef vegetable soup.

On Sunday, Warm & Natural batting by the yard is on sale at Jo-Ann (50% off) and that sounds just perfect to have on hand for the numerous quilting projects I've got before me with that new Voyager quilting machine!

Gotta run, stuff to accomplish before sleeping.


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