Today at CHA... Sunday's edition

As I type this, I can hear the fireworks over at Disneyland. I had a great day, a really fabulous day, and, though I'm exhausted, I'm really looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow. The day started by attending the Awards Ceremony and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Martha Beck. Her presentation was inspiring, exciting, and energizing, and I'm so glad I'd listened to Steering by Starlight in the weeks leading up to the show so I felt like I got even more out of her presentation. I also purchased her book and she was gracious enough to sign it and permit us to take this photograph. That's me in the middle, with Martha Beck on the right and Carol Zentgraf, a former coworker from McCall's Needlework on the left.

I was able to see so much today. So many new products, presentations, and people. It's amazing to be surrounded by wonderful, creative people, all of whom share the same goal--in some way, helping the consumers learn a new craft, explore their creativity, or hone their skills and talents. It's about service; I believe that everyone in this industry is in it because they believe their products, designs, programs, publications, etc., will serve the consumer or help the retailer do so. And that's what it's all about. It was a blast to see new products that made me say "That's the coolest idea--I'm SO glad someone came up with that idea!" I'll update you in the next few days about some of those items.

Today, I'm updating you on a product I mentioned yesterday after the Creative Options reception. I stopped by their booth today to see if they'd send one of these to us at the office to review, but Kathy was kind enough to send me home with one to pass along to the staff. And as I carried it around the show floor, a lot of people noticed it and asked me about it. Everyone commented on the shape and the lines of it (as did I), but I told them all that the best part was inside. So I'd do a little show-and-tell and open it up. And here it is....six shelves with segmented containers in each shelf, perfect for beading supplies or embellishments, such as brads, eyelets, or other doo-dads. I find myself wishing for a bunch of them for my cardmaking area in my craft room--wouldn't they be great hanging on the wall or something! And I still do love this color scheme! Everyone I showed it to oohed and aahed about it, wishing they had one, so I'd tell them to stop by the Creative Options booth and check it out.

Tomorrow's another day of meetings and trend-spotting and learning and seeing. I'm on a panel tomorrow talking about how designers in this industry can market themselves. I'm addressing the publishing aspect and can't wait to hear what the other presenters have to say and what the attendees want to know. Here's to Monday!


Eileen Bergen said...

That is a super cool carrying case! I bet it's really easy to carry because of the way the weight is distributed. Or rather the way the weight is all centered. Unlike the usual tackle box design. Really cool.

violette said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time at CHA! Sorry i missed it

Loved the carry cool!

Love, Violette

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