A baby quilt for a colorful child

I do enjoy making quilts for babies and kids. Partially because they're easy and quick and a great way to experiment with a technique, a color combination, or a pattern. I made this quilt for the big sister of the girl who got this quilt. My theory, knowing their parents the way I do (their Momma was my college roomie), is that the colors reflected what I imagined would be their personalities. A quilt from 1999, I think, I think these fabrics came from the Fabric Center in Morris, Illinois, but I'm not 100% positive about that. The print fabric had the look of mosaic tiles, which I was drawn to, and the colors are some of my favorites. I do remember debating with myself over whether to use the purple and turquoise or substitute one of them for a midnight blue. In the end, I went with this and I do love it. This quilt was completed about the same time as the teddy bear quilt. I had both of them finished, and I think they sat for a while, just waiting for the binding to be hand-sewn to the back. One chilly winter weekend, I finished them both.


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