Cow quilt #2

So you've seen cow quilt #1, dated 1997. Here's cow quilt #2. My sister's second son may have gotten the benefit of experience in his quilt. That and some fabulous fabric. I found this great print--the farm animals having a hoedown. I fell in love instantly. It was a striped print, with the barns in one row, the marching animals at the top in another row, and the dancing fowl in another row, from what I recall. The green print with the boogie-ing barnyard animals was a companion print. I included the same cow print and "moo" print from the other cow quilt in this one so they'd work in the same room, and grabbed a bunch of bright fabrics to make the paper-pieces stars. I still love the way this quilt came together!

As for the words embroidered in the golden box in the center, it was from the striped print and it reads, "Hey diddle diddle, the pig had a fiddle, the cow played a groovy new tune. The others joined in and had a fine time, as they jammed by the light of the moon." Love it!


Susan In Texas said...

This one is seriously cute too! Great fabric, and I love the little rhyme and all those pieced stars. Did it get a holstein hanger of its own eventually?


Linda Augsburg said...

I don't remember if it did or not. This one was shot in my living room before I sent it off. I just clipped it to the quilt and rod I had on the wall holding my wall quilt.

Alice said...

It definitely had a holstein hanger of it's own! So funny, I just got this quilt out of it's storage place in the attic - rediscovering old treasures, don't ya know ;-) - and it is laying on the back of the couch in the living room. I have been showing it off to all my neighbors in the last few weeks! Love, Alice

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