My unpredictable fish quilt

When my Godson was born, I lived in Florida and managed the quilt shop. His nursery had a fish theme. Fish fabric was something we had plenty of at the shop in Florida, so I had my choice. This project was a great adventure, inspired by several projects I'd seen come into the shop and classes we offered at the shop. Basically, I cut pieces of foundation, cut a fish from the print randomly shaping the fabric with at least four edges. Then, I cut my bright prints and black prints in various widths of strips, tossed them all in a bag, and whatever I pulled out, I used, sewing the strips on in a log-cabin-like method, working around the fish in the center and sewing it all to the foundation.

Once I got the larger blocks done, some containing several fish in the oddly shaped center pieces, I had to fill in the blanks with smaller blocks. That's when I had to start plotting the rest of it, since it was put together in no set pattern.

As for the side borders, I used several different blue fabrics. I wanted to provide the feel of being under water, so I used a blue underwater rock print for the bottom and lower side borders, a blue with water coral (is that what I mean?) up the sides, and then, at the top, dark fabrics that look like waves underwater.

I remember working on this project during the divorce when I went away, thanks to my bosses at the quilt shop, for a weekend at a hotel down the beach from where I lived. (A change of surroundings is always good!) I don't know if the hotel staff had ever seen anyone move into a hotel room with a sewing machine and rotary cutting supplies, but they had after that!


Susan In Texas said...

Cool quilt. My brother-in-law used to work in a tropical fish store when he was a teen (many many years ago). He still keeps fish in the basement. I bet he would LOVE a quilt like this!

Thanks for sharing,

Karen said...

wow, that's beautiful!

Linda Augsburg said...

Thanks. I really do still love that one. I think the boy still loves it too and he's 11!

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