Cow quilt #1

My sister lives away from the farm she grew up on. But she always seems to want to have a touch of farm in her home. So when her first son was born (maybe not RIGHT away...), I made this cow quilt because she had found the perfect bandanna bedding for the nursery. It was from a magazine, though I can't remember which one because I just happened upon it on the newsstand. I made it in residence #3 in Arkansas, so probably sometime in 1997. The border fabric looks like a black and white print, but it's actually the word "moo" in black type on white fabric. The cows were machine appliqued and their tails are braided embroidery floss just attached at the rump. The cows are actually cut from a cow-print fabric, which kept the spots random. And the tabs that hold it on the rod are secured with buttons shaped like ears of corn. The backing is a farm print--that's also what I used to bind it, though you can't tell that from the picture. Alice painted the rod and brackets to match and did a fabulous job.

Coming soon, the second cow quilt. Stay tuned.


Susan In Texas said...

That is adorable. What a perfect wall hanging for a little boy's room. I particularly like the holstein hanger. I saw it and immediately wondered where on earth you found THAT. lol Makes sense it had to be painted special. Perfect!

Happy quilting,

Linda Augsburg said...

Yes, my sister who claims not to be crafty did that. She's awesome! But that special effort really does make the quilt.

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