Links you'll love: Nov. 21

I miss weekends like this! I'm in my flat this weekend--no commitments, no plans, and, don't let me jinx this, but focus and ambition. I've gotten a lot done today already--picked up things I needed this morning, home by 10 with lunch, window plastic, and a new mattress pad in tow and the oil changed in my Jeep (a task that was LONG overdue). So far, I've done a bunch of laundry, switched the bedroom over from its beach-themed spring and summer decor to its fall/winter black and copper leaf themed items. And I was able to get the plastic on the windows in the process. It was nice to see my bedroom decorated with things I made: the headboard I made using copper tubing, the quilt I made that inspired said headboard, wall art made to match, the tablecloth I turned into something resembling a canopy... There's much more of "me" in this decor than in the spring/summer stuff.

Before I share the plans for tomorrow, I want to share my friend's links.

Aileen's Musings
Aileen is offering Vintage freebie images for you to download and use in your art. Get started on those digi holiday cards using some of them.

Cross Stitch at
Stitch a Simple Hanukah Menorah Motif for a card or ornament. Suitable for knitting or crochet projects too.

About Family Crafts
Do you play with clay? If so, please take a moment and share your favorite stories, projects, recipes, techniques, and more.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Mix up altered books, glitter, and teenagers, shake well, and voila! You have a fun day of art combined with writing.

Cathie Filian
Cathie has lots of Thanksgiving recipes, crafts and family activities posted. Plus tips for a smooth Thanksgiving!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
Over at Craftside you can enter to win a Mixed-Media Doll by Linda O'Brien, Co-author of Who's Your Dada?, download a free intricate leaf paper cutting pattern, get a fun how-to on making a paper cupcake and a pretty pair of fall leaf earrings.

The Artful Crafter
Check out Eileen’s latest craft finds: lots of free stuff and free advice – well that’s usually free, isn’t it? LOL.

Mixed Media Artist
Cyndi has finished a second Garden Quilt and is offering her tutorial!

The Crochet Dude
Drew kicks off the holiday season with a crochet pattern event!

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery
Sweater Surgery attacks t-shirts and cuts them up into some cute gathered tops with the help of Generation-T Beyond Fashion

The Impatient Crafter
In this week's teen crafts blog for iLoveToCreate Madge makes a stunning mixed media necklace. You might just want to sport this one yourself!

As for Sunday, I'm hoping to get through the stuff in the dining room and living room. When I set up the quilting machine almost a year ago, I had to clear so much out of the sewing room, and I've got a bunch of papers from in there--patterns from the web, ideas torn from magazines, projects I want to make, etc.--that need to be sorted through, organized, and put into binders for easy accessibility. I figure I can watch old movies while I'm doing it, so that's my reward.

Then, when everything's together, I'll be able to make the projects in the containers in the dining room. Woo Hoo!


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