Farm fabric

About a year ago, Mom found this print at Hancock Fabrics, the fabric chain store. I called around to other shops in the Chicago area looking for the same print, though I didn't care much about the colorway. When I couldn't find track it down that way, I called headquarters to see if they could help me track it down. They were VERY helpful, locating it in a shop in Nevada. In order to get some of it, I needed to go to my local store and have them order it to be transferred from the other store, and they'd call me when they received it. I don't remember the whole thing taking very long, but I do know I ordered several yards of it because it was so stinkin' cute!! Of course, I have a thing for farm fabric, as indicated in this post, and this one, and of course there's this one. I ran across it with the Salt Lake City fabrics, so I imagine that I ordered it about the same time as that trip. What will it be, I wonder, as I look it over. SO many ideas....


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