Another quilt shop located on my travels

Today, I attended the baby shower for a very dear friend. And before you ask, I didn't make the gift for the shower, but I'm hoping to make a gift once the baby arrives. Since they don't know if it's a boy or a girl, I'm inclined to hold off on making something. But on my way home, I was taking the scenic tour around the area, as it was in the area of, but not near, where I grew up. And, of course, I found a quilt shop. That was my purpose of taking a scenic tour, after all, finding either a quilt shop or a bead store.

On the corner of 75th and 83 in Willowbrook, Illinois, was, a great shop with a lovely selection of fabric. Much of the fabric I bought was on sale--I love to shop a store's clearance section, but I did find a lot of lovely cuts in the full-price sections as well. It was arranged nicely--some by color and some sections by what you'd be shopping for, such as "fabrics little boys would love" and "fabrics little girls would love." But the thing I feel I must mention is the way the staff worked with me. When I was checking out, they asked if I was in the system. When I said it was my first visit but I would like to be added to the list, they promptly did so, including adding my email address. The amazing part was that when I logged into my email later that day, there was a newsletter from the store. Now what I don't know is whether my email address just got added in the nick of time before they sent their newsletter or whether their system automatically sends the most recent newsletter when a new customer is added, but either way, the email in my mailbox was a great reminder of my shopping experience.

As for a good/bad thing about their precuts. Most of the precut fabric they had were half-yards instead of fat quarters, so that increased my dollar amount a little higher than it would have if it was FQs, but the good news is that some of it might be fabric I use as focal point fabric, so I might need the extra fabric.


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