Fabric for Mom and Martha

My Mom and her friend Martha make craft and sewing projects and sell them at the campground craft show in the winter. I secretly think that they do so more to have the fun of making things together than the actual making of the money, because they don't charge much! But they have a ball making the projects and they have an absolute BLAST the day of the show. (I've been there for one of the shows and take it from me, it's nutty fun!) Martha makes a lot of totes, beach bags, purses, eyeglass cases, and that kind of thing, so when I saw these two pieces of fabric on a SUPER sale at Bits N Pieces, I bought her a couple yards of each. She's the first to send along "a little something" for my sisters and I, so I'll just pop this in the mail for her as a surprise. Though I suppose if she reads this blog, it won't be much of a surprise....


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