That bedding project

A while back, I blogged about revamping baby bedding for my friend Tammy's little one. I've had that bedding stuffed in a Bead&Button Show bag and it's covered a lot of miles. It's a great project to bring along (large and unwieldy, yes, but also soft and squishable). And it would be the perfect project to work on if I'm just sitting around watching TV or whatever. But as it turns out, I haven't unsewn a single seam since I posted about it in late July, despite the fact that it's been on my list of things to do since last year.

But, as it turns out, it's possible that my procrastination may have actually worked in my favor. Now, the Momma's thinking about changing the furniture for that room, which might mean a change in bedding size. Wouldn't I have been brokenhearted if I'd have dived right in and had this project complete, only to find out I had to redo it?!


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