A fabric find: A Christmas panel with horses!

The other day, I found a printed Christmas panel with horses on it for My Favorite Three Year Old. Her Momma showed horses in her youth and The Wee One seems to be equally fascinated with them. But I failed to get all the info that I needed when I bought the panel, it seems. And there's nothing on the Springs Creative web site, or on the Hobby Lobby web site either, to walk me through it. They had turned it into a wallhanging with the horse strip at the bottom converted into pockets for a Christmas card holder, but they must have included other fabrics, which was the part I wasn't paying attention to. So I'll have to figure something special out for this. Maybe I'll work out a plan to make it a Christmas countdown calendar with little pockets along the bottom or down the sides--that seems perfect for a little almost-four-year-old, doesn't it? I'll keep you posted.


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