Monday's expression of creativity

As for the creative thing I did tonight, here it is! I'm hanging out with My Favorite Three Year Old. After watching Cinderella (and wondering when I'd explain to her that sometimes you're better off when the shoe doesn't fit), fixing her dinner (scrambled eggs and cinnamon raisin toast), and dancing around the living room to the Curious George soundtrack (a favorite of both of us--yeah Jack Johnson), she started to color this picture of Grover and then asked me to help her. She handed me one crayon at a time and told me what to color, and I colored it. So perhaps it's more HER creative endeavor than mine. It's been a while since I colored, and she had some great crayon colors, so I really enjoyed it. She had my favorite color from childhood--blue violet. I had forgotten what a beautiful color that is.


Lisa Gatz said...

How fun!! I haven't colored in a while since my oldest grandson has taken to having us set out on star wars raids. Lots of boy stuff.

I love this line, "sometimes you're better off when the shoe doesn't fit". Nicely said!

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