My first Colorado quilt shop stop: Sew-ciety

So here's the first post in my quilt fabric shopping adventure during my visit to Colorado in early May. To start, I flew into Denver and drove down to Colorado Springs for my meeting. On my way down, the tire pressure light on the rental car came on, so about the time I thought maybe I should have it checked, I passed the town of Castle Rock and noticed the lettering "Sew-ciety" on the rock wall of a shopping center. I figured it was definitely a sign that meant I should turn around and have my tires checked and see what "Sew-ciety" was. And amazingly, it was a quilt shop--one that hadn't turned up on my web search. So I spent some time there, and in addition to providing me with directions to a tire place (right around the block), they were able to help me in my stash building efforts. And the bonus was that there was a Sonic Drive-In nearby, so I got a strawberry lime-ade.

A class was going on in the shop, so there were people chatting and laughing and joking. It made for a fun shopping experience overall and the staff was really helpful. You'll see that adorable floral paisley on the far left of the photo later, as I loved it so much in lilac that I bought it at another store later in pink.

In case you wondered, this is the first of nine posts. Yes, I visited nine quilt shops on my trip from Denver to Colorado Springs and back to Denver. And I did a little shopping at each one. And now I'm done shopping for fabric for a while. (I'm serious this time.) It's time to start piecing and quilting!!


Lisa said...

Wow...I had no idea that shop was there either...I have it on a list for my next trip to CO. Springs.

Linda said...

Lisa, it was a nice little shop.

And I failed to mention that the tires were fine, though the light stayed on for my entire visit. said...

OK ladies, ...I am coming to Colorado from San Diego for a week in July. I will have a rental car, minimal responsibilities and I am ready to explore. Please email me any suggestions. Thanks Nancy

Linda said...

Nancy, where in Colorado will you be? As you can see from my tour, I did maximum damage with minimal effort, mileage-wise, since I was heading from Denver to Col. Springs anyway. I have links in the blog posts to all of the shops. When I'm heading someplace new, I google shop hop and the town's name, as that sometimes turns up a bunch of shops. Speaking of which, I might have a shop-hop map from one of the stores at home. I'll check tonight and email you info if I have more to share. Also, JHB Buttons is in Denver. I didn't get there this time, but I have a feeling it would be a very fun stop!

Anonymous said...

Help! I will visit my sister in Denver from Washington, DC soon. Ready to explore quilt and arts and crafts shops. Unable to locate 2009 magazine with photograhps and list of quilt shops. Please, provide a list and the name of the magazine if possible.

Linda said...

Here are some links to other lists of quilt shops in Colorado:

Also, I visited nine shops and they're all outlined on my blog. I don't really know of a magazine that has photos and lists of just Colorado quilt shops, but American Patchwork and Quilting does publish a magazine called Quilt Sampler a few times a year, so you might be looking for that. But it does cover the whole country.

Good luck on your trip

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