What to do with quilt panels

I bought some panels after Christmas on sale and just thought to take some pictures and share them. I figured they'd be good practice for quilting around on the machine, but I haven't gotten to them yet. But they're on the list. Anyone have great ideas on panel ideas? I think I want to add stuff around the edges or make them part of a larger project.

I spent six days in Colorado last week--four days at a CHA Board meeting and then two additional days in Denver with Chandra, one of my good buddies from high school and her family. I did visit a few quilt stores (or eight or nine??) while I was out there, so I'll be sharing photos of my finds from there in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I have a goal to get some projects in the works this week and get my mom's quilt quilted. I'll try to keep you posted.


Tammy said...

I used a panel once and made a kind of hanging mini-quilt out of it. That might work with these and you could just hang them up during the holidays.

I'm drooling over the other posts with all that amazing fabric!

Linda said...

Thanks. I'm looking forward to playing with them!! Time, right now, is the biggest obstacle!

Karen said...

Love the Santa with the dog panel. I have looked every where on the net for the same one but alas I can't find one.
I have decorated a few Christmas panel by beading the panels then stippling around the edge and making them a wall hanging. . The beading looks great but time consuming.

Linda said...


I think I found it at Hobby Lobby last Christmas.

Thanks for the ideas on decorating it.


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