Another new necklace using aqua Venetian beads

While my Mom was working on finishing her quilt top so I could quilt it, I've been having a pretty busy week, which is why I haven't been posting much here on my blog. I made two necklaces this week using the Venetian beads I purchased Easter weekend at Bella Venetian Beads, part of The Place to Bead in Naperville, Illinois. This necklace, from the November 2008 issue of BeadStyle magazine, allowed me to play a little more with shapes and colors and pushed me out of my comfort zone because it's asymmetrical in design. I love the teal/aqua/blue combinations in the beads, along with the metallic highlights that range from gold to copper hues. And I loved mixing it with the blackened chain from AD Adornments.


Anonymous said...

it's beautiful... gorgeous colors!

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