Mom's blocks

My Mom will tell you she's not a quilter. She's not precise and not interesting in being so. But she's been finding quilt squares and cut fabric at resale shops (Goodwill, etc.) and bringing them home, because she just can't stand to see all that work go to waste. She's started to sew them together and tie the layers together. But we both agreed that these would be great quilts for me to quilt to develop my long arm quilting skills. She sent one home with me so I could test drive the quilting machine at Material Matters. And now she's working on another one. When I was there last weekend, she had all the blocks finished and we were looking at the arrangement and how the blocks would look with sashing between them. I snapped several pictures as we monkeyed with the block arrangement, but I think this was the final position of each block. The pink fabric will be the sashing, and though a few blocks have pink around the edges, I think it will be fine.

Whether all the intersecting seams match perfectly or not, whether some of the squares have to be eased in to fit the size of the others, whether or not everything is as she would have done it if she planned it, I know the recipient of this quilt will love it for all the time and love my Mom put into creating it. I hope my quilting will do it justice. I expect she'll have it ready for me around Easter. I'll keep you posted!


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