More quilt education

I signed up for another quilting class; a six-hour class near my old stomping grounds. The local quilt guild, Pieces from the Heart, is having a quilt show March 7 and 8 with classes March 4–8. I signed up for Anne Lullie's class entitled Colorplay and I can't wait!

I've been amazed by Anne's work since I first saw one of her quilts several years back at Quilt Festival in Chicago and have wanted to explore the techniques and learn more about how she combines her colors so beautifully. So when this opportunity came up and it was "back home" and affordable, I jumped at the chance.

I would love to enroll in the Chicago School of Fusing (yes, I know it's not a REAL school) and soak up all of their knowledge and creativity like a big giant sponge (unlike my previous experience with higher education), but for now, I'll have to start with one class.

If you are going to make your way to the show, leave me a comment below, and maybe we can meet up there.


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