My class project

So this is the project from the class I took at the quilt show in Morris this weekend. It's only half done--the half that's done is the left side, the right side isn't done yet. The instructor, Anne, commented that I had used smaller tiles than any other student in her classes--yep, that's me, the overachiever!

Anyway, so remember, it's more about the study of color than the look of the actual quilt. The theory is that you form the background using pastels or light colors, then use the color wheel to choose and arrange dark shades of the complementary color as the path. Then you fill in with lighter versions of complement, split complement, and triads.

I still have work to do on it, obviously, but so far all of the pieces are fused in place, so those aren't loose little confetti pieces. And it's all fused to batting. Once I get all the fabric "tiles" fused down, I'll trim it up, back it, and finish it. Not sure how I'm going to quilt it yet, but I've got time for that!

And those fabric strips in the upper right corner are samples of her hand-dyed fabrics. She dyes lots of colorways of fabric, so it was fun and interesting just to see the variations that she can dye into fabric.


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