A quilt from a while ago

I was posting some photos on Facebook today and ran across some photos of my work. So I thought I'd post them here in coming days when I don't actually have any current creative work to show.

So this is a quilt I created for Gabby, a wonderful little girl who is a blessing to a Florida friend of mine. You can't really tell, but the border and the squares on the inside of the stars is a beautiful pansy print filled with colors. The stars are two shades of yellow and two shades of pink. The inner border and binding are dark green to match the leaves of the pansies--it was this quilt that I was attaching the binding to on a flight. The white fabric is actually white with little blue flowers, again, the blue being pulled from the print. That's my normal MO when I design a quilt--I pick the print and then pull colors from it. I learned in a Jinny Beyer segment on TV once that the way your fabric assortment work best is to make sure you choose at least one of the darkest colors in the print (sometimes, it's the outline of the print), one of the lightest hues, and then different values in the print. If you pick all "mediums," the whole thing doesn't really sing. Also, you're supposed to vary the size of the prints, though in this one, the pinks and yellows are all pretty much batiks, mottled, and tone-on-tone prints and the background is a pretty small print, as is the pansy print. Maybe I should have varied the print sizes, but I didn't want them to interfere with the pansies.

That being said, I've seen a lot of quilts that are made with all mediums or all busy prints. They're not my favorites, since there's no contrast in values or patterns, but I know a lot of people that love them and I've seen some that are beautiful, but not my style. That's why everyone's quilt is different, special, and, dare I say, unique. We all like different things, and that's the beauty of every hobby!


Eileen Bergen said...

Very pretty! And thanks for the design tip on choosing colors from the main print. Makes sense.

I've always just "eyeballed it". You know - try one thing, then another until I get a look I like.

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