No creativity tonight

I had hopes of being creative tonight, but with 50-60 degree temperatures, I had to take a walk/run, and then walk over to the gym for a weight circuit, then walked back. I made dinner, did all my online checking, and now I'm on to dishes and laundry. When you get that lovely of a day in February in Wisconsin, you take advantage of it when you can, as we won't see it on a regular basis for months.

It was such fun walking around town tonight. Everyone was out walking--parents, kids, teens, dogs. Everyone I encountered was in the best spirits, thrilled with this break in the weather. These are the days when I really love living within blocks of the lake and in this neighborhood.

So hopefully tomorrow I'll get some time to make some cards and work on the afghan. I'll be sure to post photos as I create.


Lisa Gatz said...

Sounds like a nice evening! We get that a bit in my town during spring and fall...the only time the weather is tolerable.

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