More rows

I don't have a photo of it, but I did finish a few more rows on the afghan today. I had a little unanticipated time to kill today because, on my drive to Illinois, my windshield had a moment of destiny with a rock and got a little ding. Since it didn't crack, I knew it was probably repairable, but with the changing temperature (above and below freezing), I figured I'd better get it fixed ASAP, or tiny little water droplets in the ding would freeze, expanding as they did, and cause a much more costly-to-repair crack. So I called my sister, who gave me the number of my aunt, who gave me the number of my distant cousin who owns a service station in town, who gave me the number of a place that repairs dinged windshields! And they did, in about 30 minutes, which gave me a little more time to crochet. Just grabbing creative time as I can. I'll post photos soon!


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