I did something creative!

I actually carved out a little creative time this week. I took my afghan project to work and got a few rows done. I'm going to bring it in with me more often, as we've started a little knitting/crochet circle on lunch. The best part is that the company's made arrangements to have lunch brought in and available for sale one day a week and it's great! Soup, sandwiches, and salad and it's yummy.

But check out the progress I made. Okay, so it was only one brown fan repeat and the two tan fan repeats, but it's still progress. So I'm on my way to making my goal of getting this done before the end of March.


Lisa Gatz said...

I always forget how a little over a period of time really adds up! My way of thinking is usually, this all has to get done right now! Good job on your rows.

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