FIVE days off

The exciting news for me today is that I'm NOT at the office for the next five days. It's possible the last time I had this many days off in a row (that wasn't a vacation) was when I left my previous job to take this job (six years ago January 2, actually). That break, though longer, involved traveling for the holidays, a few days driving around town looking for a place to live, and other busyness that was neither relaxing nor productive. And boy-oh-boy do I have relaxing and productive plans for THIS break! I hit the grocery store Tuesday night and got enough food to feed me for a month. And I went home and made the list of all the things I wanted to get done. So I'll keep you posted on my progress as the days pass. A lot of the plans revolve around the sewing room. I have to go through every single thing in there and make some space for my new quilting machine, so I really need to get organized. And I need to transform some raw materials into finished projects so they're not in the sewing room any more, taking up what has suddenly become very valuable space!

Once I get the sewing room together (optimistically within the first three days), I've got some crafty projects to make, food to cook and freeze for later, a Christmas letter to write and cards to send, and maybe, if there's time left at the end of the five days, I'll put away some of the Christmas decorations and make some cookies to take to work to celebrate my six year anniversary at my job!


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