Snow day!!!

It's a snow day here--my snowman ornament (right) looks pretty happy about it too! I couldn't be happier (since I don't have to go anywhere), because I have so much to do here. Presents to wrap, soup to make, scarves to sew, cards to stamp, boxes to ship, laundry to do.... I know everyone's lives get pretty crazy this time of year, and I'm no exception. But I always try to remember why it is I'm doing what I'm doing.

Dinner out with friends isn't just another holiday obligation--it's the chance to catch up and spend time in each other's company, hopefully alleviating some of the stress that we're all experiencing this time of year.

Spending time with family is the same--not an obligation but a wonderful opportunity to reminisce, build new memories, and reconnect with your roots.

Making things ties into that as well. I know that most of the people I make gifts for really appreciate them. And for those who don't, they make a good show of it. And some of the things I make get donated to those in need. In fact, the aforementioned "scarves to sew" will all go to a shelter. When I ran across fleece remnants at Joann's the other day, I couldn't pass up the colors or the price (hurray for remnant pricing!). So for a very small investment in fabric and time, I'll be able to whip up a bunch of scarves for the hat, scarf, and mitten tree at work. They were supposed to be due today and delivered today, but since we're closed due to snow, I have to believe that I can show up with them on Monday and I won't be too late. If I am, I'll just take them over to the shelter myself.

So much to do, so I'd better get at it. And oh, by the way, Mr. Potato Head spent Thursday safe and sound in the office.


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