Mr. Potato Head Santa Spud returns safe and sound

He's back! The story that arrived with Mr. Potato Head Santa Spud was long and involved, but let me summarize. After losing his ear the first day, Mr. P took off, getting another potato head stand in for him (and meet with an untimely end). He went on an adventure and ended up getting mugged, drunk, and drugged (with catnip, though according to the article, that was not what he thought he was getting) which led to him getting assaulted by a gang of felines. About that time, he figured it was safer to hang out on my file cabinet, even if it was a bit monotonous, so he returned home.

I'm glad to have him back, and I might try to take him a few places for some adventures, chaperoned of course. Thanks to everyone for their concerns and warm wishes for his safe return.


Eileen Bergen said...

Too funny! I'm glad the little guy made it home safely.

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